Our Training Classes

Body Strength

Mon: 12pm

Strength, Speed, Power.

This 45 minute innovative class will help you strengthen all of your major muscle groups by incorporating functional exercises using resistance bands, free weights, medicine balls and bosus.

A perfect combination of body strength and body blast. Excellent for anyone looking for cross training. It’s the best of both world’s in this intense 45 minute class.

Body Blast

Wed: 12p

Endurance, Stamina, Power.

Get ready for this intense 45 minute cardiovascular experience. We whip you into shape with plyometric and agility training to maximize calorie burning and challenge your endurance.

Ab/Core Attack

Thurs: 12p

Balance, Strength.

Prepare yourself for 30 minutes of abdominal and low back attack. The focus is entirely on your CORE. Maximize your inner core strength with this class as you work on your midsection with balanced work of your ABS and Low back.

Strength, Endurance, Stability.

Accelerate fat loss, increase your endurance, and strengthen your core, back, and glutes!  This class will help you get into peak physical form and help you attain balance in your overall conditioning.

Kettlebell Skills & Drills

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