Kettlebell Infusion

Accelerate fat loss, increase your endurance, and strengthen your core, back, and glutes! This class will help you get into peak physical form and help you attain balance in your overall conditioning.


Strength, Endurance, Stability.

Learn the basics and progress through this challenging workout that takes you to the next level of fitness. 

It's part kettlebell, part bootcamp, all workout crammed into 45 minutes!

Beginners to Advanced are welcome.  

24 sessions over 8 weeks.  Train 3x per week.
(we take breaks on holidays and add the class to the end of the schedule)

M-W-F 12:45-1:30pm

New program starting soon!!!

Join now - send us an email, use the contact page, or give us a call - 519-858-2639 - to reserve your spot!