This year make a Habit...not a Resolution.

A habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, one that is hard to give up.

A resolution, by contrast, is only a decision to do, or not to do, something. There is no practical planning in that resolution. 

BodyWorx and trainer/owner Tania Admans focuses on creating lifelong healthy habits. Habits that are simple to create and keep.

“Fitness habits aren’t always easy. Discovering the activity that makes you happy and feel good and that you will do with purpose and focus is really important. The first questions I ask when meeting a new client is what they like and dislike in the gym and what has worked or not worked for them in the past,” says Tania.

It’s important to ask yourself: do you like free weights, machines, cardio, individual training or group fitness classes; and then determine a short-term goal, something attainable within 1-3 months.

Be honest with what you are willing and able to do. Consider your lifestyle in regards to nutrition and demands on your time and energy. With these simple answers, a plan will start to take shape. Beware: choosing a goal that you’re not prepared to work towards creates failure.  

Instead start small, build confidence and be willing to adapt to whatever you choose. You will feel positive energy and motivation for the bigger goals.

If you need a helping hand, find a reputable trainer who has experience in what you want to accomplish and one you feel confident in. Good rapport and an enjoyable experience goes a long way.

It takes 21 days to create a habit - have fun!

BodyWorx has a 21 day Transformation Program that includes fitness and nutritional components that we’ve designed to help build motivation and results. 

We are so proud of Chantal’s Transformation. Her continued work ethic and healthy habits have produced significant results so far.