Teaching strength, agility, quickness

Conditioning youth to become faster, stronger and less injured is our primary focus for Team and Youth Training here at BodyWorx. After coaching many years of soccer and volleyball at a youth level, we realized that children weren’t being challenged outside of the specific drills for that sport. We were starting to see teen and young adult teams where many of the players were chronically injured.
Tania Admans, Owner and Trainer at Bodyworx, has been training the German Canadian Football Club competitive girls team starting at U10. Many of these girls are now part of the London Football Academy where BodyWorx also provides SAQ training.
“We've established a focused and intense training program and integrated it into their schedule,” said Admans. “The results have been incredible. These girls are fast and they have very few, if any, injuries! In fact, their complaints are simply growing pains. We help them work through that by continuing to focus on strengthening the joints, tendons, ligaments and collateral muscles to support their rapid growth.”
BodyWorx trains individual athletes and multiple clubs for a variety of sports with the focus on building strength and flexibility – all designed around the athlete’s level, needs and goals. High quality BodyWorx trainers are convenient and flexible. We come out to your practice fields or gyms, or teams can come into our fitness facility, located in the downtown core. We are passionate about sport for life – we want your kids to be too!

This article appeared in the April edition of London.SportsXpress.ca.