Big Changes are Possible

Graig Richter, before (left), and after (right)

Graig Richter, before (left), and after (right)

Graig Richter, back in his university days, was a captain of the Western Mustangs football team. But at the start of 2017, he was admittedly out of shape and unhealthy. Here is Graig’s story in his own words:

“The moment I knew I needed to lose weight and have a better diet was when a health insurance nurse came into my work. She weighed me in at 259 pounds, with a super high blood sugar, and I instantly cancelled all my plans for the day and left work to consult with my doctor.

“The following day, I checked out the gym in the same building where I work – with no referral or knowledge about what they necessarily did there. It’s called ‘BodyWorx.’ I then met Tania [Admans] and started personal training with her – with blind faith – in hopes of becoming healthier, losing weight, and gaining cardio and strength. Although the workouts are very tough and grueling most times, I find them to be contagious, especially with the attitude and motivation that Tania brings to each workout. She never cuts me any slack, and she always pushes me to the limits. The best part of our relationship is that we’re like teammates, in the sense that we accomplish my goals together. That is huge.

“In the last nine months that I’ve been training at BodyWorx, I have lost 20 pounds, increased my cardio and strength drastically, and am overall much healthier, physically and nutritionally, which is allowing me to be more involved in my kids’ lives. This change has allowed me to be able to spend more time and play more games with them on the playground. Not only has this different lifestyle impacted my life, but it has also made me a better role model for my children.”

Today, Graig is down 28 pounds (24 pounds of body fat!).

Says Admans: “I’m inspired by and so proud of this man. He’s still bringing competition to each and every workout! And he’s proof of what a strong mind, determination, and drive – on and off the field – can accomplish (our field being the gym and off the field being in everyday work/home, finding the right food/nutrition balance). Even the greatest athletes can get off track. What matters the most is getting back!"


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This article appeared in the January edition of London SportsXpress