Important Announcement to our members

BodyWorx Fitness Centre will be closing on January 31st, 2019 after 15 years!  Summit Properties as decided to repurpose the gym space and will not be keeping a fitness facility in the Talbot Center and so will not be renewing our lease.

We want to thank all of you for being members over the years.  We will miss seeing you each day ( I have to say that it’s the most dedicated group of people I’ve ever seen in a fitness facility!). 

We wish you all the best in your fitness endeavours and hope that this space closing only means a new opportunity for you to find a new training space to further your fitness levels.

What this means to you:

●     The gym will run just as it has up until January 31st.

●     Members with payments on the 1st will see their last payment come out on January 1st.

●     Members with payments on the 15th will see their last payment come out on December 15th with a waived to two weeks to take you as a member until January 31st.

We truly thank you for being a part of our fitness facility and developing strong connections as a group of people with each other and with us. 

We’re going back to our roots as London’s premiere personal training studio :) 
Details on our new location will be available shortly!

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Tania and Scott