Challenge your Workout!

Hey members! Our new contest pits women vs men! Sign up today!


Think of it not as a competition with others but maybe a way to challenge yourself and your exercise routine.

There is a list of exercises that may help with ideas for something new or different.

Please feel free to take a list and use it to keep track of what you accomplish during your workout and leave it in the used pile with your name on it.

I (Amber) will be in Mondays and Wednesdays to keep track of the points all you need to do is add your name and leave behind your workout sheet.

If you need to know more information about any exercise you wish to try or that you are unfamiliar with please leave me a message at the front desk and I will get back to you as soon as I am in next. You can also email me at with any other questions or concerns.

The point system has changed as of Feb 12th as follows:

-         10 reps = 1 point
-         1 sticker = 10 points

In order for your points to be counted I need a piece of paper indicating the number of reps you have done per exercise.

Contest closes March 21st!

Any questions? Just ask at the desk.