Youth and multi-sport training

Multi-sports is a hot topic these days. In terms of specializing in a sport, there are some major concerns for coaches. Correlating practice times, commitment and injuries all creep up into the conversation between parents and coaches. And having my own kids in sports and being a coach for competitive volleyball – both beach and court, I completely understand.

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Training teams, training talent

SAQ (speed, agility and quickness) & Conditioning is in full swing down at BodyWorx with head conditioning trainer, coach and owner Tania Admans.

Training young athletes is both rewarding and essential for long-term development in sport. Sport is moving in the direction of “more is better,” in terms of training on the field or in the gym. This is where proper functional conditioning comes into play. BodyWorx is known for developing teams and individual athletes to peak their performance, maintain endurance and strength, and remain injury-free where repetitive motions are an issue.

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