Hello and Welcome to BodyWorx!

We are London’s Premier Personal Training Studio located in the heart of downtown London. BodyWorx is a new concept in personal training which allows you to maximize your results while training in a comfortable clean environment.  The focus is on you, no one is using your weights, your studio and most of all, your trainer. At BodyWorx your results are imminent.

BodyWorx uses a style of training which is functional in nature. It trains the body to improve core, balance, and flexibility, while working to achieve your results. We create fun and dynamic workouts which are different every time you train. The workouts are challenging regardless of your fitness level. To assist us in getting the best workout you will learn to use equipment and perform exercises which can be duplicated in gyms, at home, or while on vacation.

BodyWorx prides itself on its trainers. We make it easy to choose your trainer. Bodyworx trainers are career trainers, meaning that personal training is what they do for a living. All of the trainers are certified and do additional course study on a regular basis. Bodyworx has a combined training experience of 28 years in the field and have worked with thousands of clients just like you. They are here to make your experience enjoyable. Bodyworx has a very comfortable and clean environment.  At Bodyworx, you feel a sense of belonging as we work hard to make you as comfortable as we can.

Once you train at Bodyworx you will never train anywhere else again. No memberships, hidden fees, service charges, or initiation. The only thing you purchase is your sessions.

We help you organize your health by looking at all four categories for success. We teach lifestyle changes to nutrition, cardio vascular techniques, and provide you total body strength training. During your sessions you are learning stretching techniques to keep you flexible and feeling great. All you need to do is call to set up a free consultation and we will guide you through the rest. Make a rewarding choice and give us a call.

Yours in Fitness,
Tania Admans