Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ)


BodyWorx is the official Strength and Conditioning facility for the London Football Academy. 

Tania has been training LFA high level competitive soccer teams with the club since its start.  She has been Developing a sport specific and age appropriate program that encompasses conditioning for endurance, coordination and strength specific to soccer players for over 5 years. 

Some of the teams have begun at age 10 with the basics of injury prevention exercises and the development of speed and quickness.  As the teams develop, strength and power is added to the program.

Maximizing the athletes speed, agility, quickness and strength on and off the field with an emphasis on injury prevention.  

London Football Academy

Check out the LFA's website of follow them on Facebook or Twitter for more information on the club.

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German Canadian Football Club

Tania Admans has been working with the GCFC L3 and L4 U12 girls teams both as a coach and trainer for the past several years.  She has incorporated specific conditioning to enhance the athletes speed and agility on the field to give them the competitive edge that they need.

“We talk in terms of having stamina for the last three minutes of the game!  Conditioning helps with this.  Endurance, building power and strength and core stability is key.”

We also incorporate team building exercises that are both fun yet competitive.  Keeping the athletes interested and building sportsmanship and relationships all while training them to be fitter, more reactive and strong is one of our top goals.  Kids need to have fun and love what they do to succeed!

Check out the GCFC's website for more information on the club.

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The “Sharks” have both competitive club teams and a developmental program.  BodyWorx's Tania and Matt are the official club conditioning coaches. 

This program is specific to jump training, lateral quickness, and powerful plyo metric movements.  

Check out the London Sharks' website for more information on the club.

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London Sharks Volleyball Club


We’ve had the pleasure to coach and condition several FC teams over the past years.  Strength training one of the top ranked girls teams in the province!  Strength training youth is a touchy subject. 

We’ve developed a safe and effective program to maximize these athletes’ vertices, arm swings and core.  Careful planning and attention to proper form and technique is key.

Check out the Forest City Volleyball Club's website for more information.

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Forest City Volleyball Club

Individual Jump Training for Volleyball Players

Maximize verticals!  Increase plyometric movements!  Injury free shoulders!

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Individual SAQ for Soccer Players

Knee injury prevention following FIFA 11 guidelines

Increase the speed and recovery for stop and go’s, change of direction and burst of speed.

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